Thank you for Taking Revenge!

Thank you for your participation in Episode SX - Revenge of the Hermit. We had a blast!

How pleasant it was to meet you all, even though we had to maintain our secrecy as true hermits and couldn’t meet in person. There was a lot to learn and ask and the Hermit’s Council was a special way to get as close to personal as we can right now.

Thanks to all the speakers for sharing their KENNIS, at maximum risk of being discovered as opponents to the Empire’s oppressive regime. As always, mini.CONF was Powered by GROUP9, but at its core, Powered by KENNIS!

The Recluse Code

You can still take a shot at the puzzle “The Recluse Code” for a bit longer, so give it a go!

See You Next Time

We trust you had a great evening of learning, sharing and fun. We can’t wait till our next Episode and hope you will join us again next time.

For now, goodbye and… May The Source Be With You!