Topics for mini.CONF Sessions

Wondering what would make a good topic to speak about at mini.CONF? Or what to expect when attending mini.CONF? Read on, we’ve got you covered.

Almost any topic from our field is suitable for a mini.CONF session.

Your session may be about a technical framework that you know all the ins and outs of and you just know that your colleagues need to learn about and start using.

Other, “soft” topics are also great for a mini.CONF session. Do you want to talk about your experiences with agile working or do you have tips on how to convince managers when taking technical decisions? These are all excellent topics for your presentation.

Speaking of presentation, your session doesn’t even have to be one! Naturally, you are in the lead, but you don’t have to give a presentation. You can organise a mini workshop or set up a round table discussion based on some statements. Maybe you have a question you want some input for from your peers? You could even lead a yoga work detox session. Use your creativity to make for a unique experience for your attendees.

We plan sessions of 15 minutes at mini.CONF events. If you are giving a presentation, a good length for your own content is 12 minutes. That leaves enough time for the audience to ask some quick questions and for you to either answer them or indicate you will follow up after the session.

In summary, the easiest way to determine whether your talk is suitable, is to ask yourself: would I join that session? If the answer is yes or even “maybe”, then it’s likely you’re on to something. After all, your audience is made up of colleagues who tend to share your interest in topics, so your own judgement serves as an excellent indicator.