Episode 42


The Empire is in silent turmoil. After a long period of sustained peace, the government has failed to inspire a vision for the future of the Republic. Technological development and knowledge of the FORCE have waned under propagandist policies of complacency, discouragement and sheer repression of critical thinking, slowly eroding the societal strength and balance that existed before.

As the powers that be seem unaware of the potential predicament this decline may yield, there are rumours of the discovery of a mysterious new concept referred to as KENNIS, far away from the capital.

Bearing the burden of the failure of their rulers, previously dormant monoliths of disgruntled citizens are organizing in numbers and harvesting KENNIS as they see fit in preparation of a rebellion for violent takeover of the system and to establish dictatorial rule with central control.

Meanwhile, fearful of the forces orchestrating secretly to undermine the Republic and its original values, other secret FACTIONS are also gathering KENNIS and experimenting with some of its more benevolent applications. They are actively choreographing this experience with their peers, messaging and deploying their knowledge amongst lean and autonomous PODS focused on a single area of interest. One such deployment is scheduled to take place soon, even though many attendants are concerned with the risks of utilizing a location so close to a historic bastion of power….