Episode V


Chaos! As the empire slowly recovers from the fall out following the propagation of KENNIS to all its outskirts, the technological advances of a group of scientific pioneers affects the lives of all those in the Republic. Discovery and application of ubiquitous computing for the masses has lead to the creation of NODES at unseen pace.

Factions are forming in pockets known as ZONES and its proponents are shrouding from sight in their NATIVE CLOUDS as they instantly create clones of NODES containing KENNIS. More recently, their efforts have merged to create HYBRID CLOUDS to disseminate their KENNIS to even more places.

The Empire, although blissfully unaware of the paradigm shift created by these developments, has taken it upon itself to accumulate its own NODES of KENNIS and intends to investigate the possibility of regulating how and by whom it can be cloned. A gathering has been set, but there are rumours of infiltration by CLOUD NATIVE warriors attending in secrecy by applying a technique whispered as DARK MODE….