Episode SX


Amidst growing tensions and civil unrest around the acquisition of KENNIS, the corrupt Republic has clamped down and increased its oppression of the advocates for educating the masses. Under previous leadership of Ora Clee and her policy of continuous raiding of clusters, most KENNIS enthusiasts had already dispersed to remote systems, only to find the transition of power to Jak Arta, a cruel and cunning operative for the Republic whose methods are more agile and vile, even more challenging to counter. Forced into hiding, the utmost secrecy or in some cases capitulation, their retreat has seemingly eradicated the proliferation of KENNIS altogether.

But there are those that still study the old ways, shrouded in seclusion. They have recently come into possession of some of the earliest works on KENNIS authored by the legendary recluse Yonder Abacus. In addition to their severely encumbered circumstances, the study of these texts has proven difficult, if not only because Abacus, realising the potential of his work and the interest it may garner from those with malicious intent, encoded his work in a cryptic cypher he referred to as Masked Language, or YAML as it is known amongst its students.

Our protagonists have taken it upon themselves to DEVELOP this YAML and being able to decipher it has become the de facto rite of passage into their underground movement. With their numbers steadily growing, they are in need of a more reactive approach. Even though the current climate does not allow for meeting in person and jeopardising their secrecy by doing so is universally deemed too dangerous still, they have discovered new ways of communicating, while they perform their important work from the reticence of their homes.

A series of communications is planned for the near future and hermits in all galaxies feel strengthened by the results of Gitopshe, a true wizard of YAML who is notably obsessed by personal hand hygiene, and is expeditiously creating clusters of YAML wherever he is found. In stark contrast with the public profile of the illustrious Gitopshe in the declared role of HELM master, another distinctive character, known by her preference of wearing face protection at all times, is working quietly behind the scenes to further the cause. Meanwhile, as IMAGES become an ever more important element in the swelling body of KENNIS available, this Captain Graal has made encouraging progress in creating IMAGES so native to their hosts, they are not even daunted by the most feared antagonist of KENNIS, the COLD BOOT….