Episode VII


A health crisis is ravaging the galaxy’s worlds at hitherto unknown pace and while local authorities clamour for placing blame of its origins and failed attempts to contain it, the Republic has, in a surprise move, decided to lift all restrictions, even pardoning some of the most renowned Hermits. However, the scientific basis of KENNIS and its dispersion the Hermits advocate is causing tense political divisions and its proponents find themselves fighting its dismissal by others as MISKENNIS or even DISKENNIS. In a grab to recover its power, the Republic has mandated the interpretation of Abacus’ work and the deciphering thereof from YAML, only to find itself unable to control the narrative amongst the galaxies populations.

Gitopshe and Captain Graal, temporarily under less scrutiny from direct observation and instruction, have made such progress that it seems unthinkable to many that their teachings can be misappropriated by political forces. Serving as an inspiration to Hermits everywhere, new areas of exploration have been suggested. The infusion of new ideas has been instrumental after the untimely assassination of Gitopshe by Devrel Secops and her accomplice Po D-Man, over a quarrel about the best way of converting IMAGES of KENNIS for consumption by the masses.

Other factions of Hermits have found solace in a new location, forming the Terra campus, heavily secured by a MESH built of d’ata particles. No less than 17 LTS devices protect the campus to form the MESH, which has proven overly reliant on the traditional Log4 shell armatures for processing large quantities of d’ata. Promises have been made for delivery of upgrades to the NFT range, but shipping the devices has been delayed from all parts of the galaxy and the new models are yet to prove their real worth in practice.

Inside the security of the MESH, some Hermits have turned to technologies they find more promising to protect Terra and its innovation culture. Rust Lua, claiming unmatched speeds of KENNIS creation, has risen to a position of authority on campus and gathered a cult following. But his technological innovation is not without controversy, as the cryptography boosts used for the exchange of KENNIS is consuming increasingly large amounts of energy, creating a surge in its cost. Those of great means can still travel the galaxy and continue to do so even if to just make a point, but Hermits are working on alternatives for all, claiming that only the SOURCE can be of intrinsic value and that the elusive exit of the Vim enclosure in the Outer Rim will be the awakening of Org Mode to document the KENNIS being created. They believe it will prove that the chain can be broken and in their efforts to move beyond YAML have taken to naming their SOURCE discoveries with characters of an ancient language. Their leader, Om Ikron has declared that they must take wisdom from the earliest of Yonder’s discoveries, the ALPHA and then express KENNIS in its most rudimentary form, as SOURCE.

In the chaos of the Republic’s efforts to quell the proliferation of KENNIS, they must share their knowledge so promptly that some have even claimed there is no time for Hermits to die. Although some have proffered the application of the new Verse of Meta for this purpose, with Terra so recently formed and now thriving, they have returned to their trusted form of a secret meeting of peers and suggested to not look up but seize this time of opportunity….